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Post  Yukiiye on Mon Dec 31, 2007 3:25 pm

1. I'd prefer no swearing, but really. I swear, so feel free to if you need to.
But it would be appreciated if you just didn't :]

2. Because guests and members may be of a younger age,
Sexual content would preferably be left out of the Forums.

3. No arguing. Or aggravating people to argue with you.
Simple debate is fine, but no full out brawls please :]

4. Literacy on the site would be nice. So people
can at least understand what you are going on about.
just don't type like this; "lyk d0nt du dat yo"
and you'll be fine :]

5. In the fan art section, if you could keep images
a smaller size that'd be great.

6. During battles, respect other peoples rules.
If they don't want voice chat, legends, etc. then they don't want it :]

7. [more to come eventually ...]

People violating rules will recieve two warnings,
on the 3rd its a ban for a short period of time. If
it still continues after that I will most likely kick you out :[

In general, be nice. Don't be a jerk, and have fun :]

Very Happy


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