Battling Strategies.

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Battling Strategies.

Post  king Skaldy on Tue Jan 01, 2008 5:59 am

when i remember them, or discover new ones, i desire to post certain strategies in Wi-Fi competitive battling.
*THIS IS IMPORTANT: let me know if i should go more in depth, or for move sets or anything etc.*

Numero Uno: Skarm-Bliss
there is absolutely NO excuse to not hear of this crap.
in order Skarmory, and Blissey are two of D/P's most powerful walls, and most overused and common pokemon/strategies. Blissey, having an enormous SP.def, and definitely high HP it can resist most pokes like alakazam, Vaporeon, even Lucario. Skarmory is the complete opposite, having an enormous 405 defense.
witch unless you can do some heavy damage with super effective physical attacks such as blaze kick, and thunder punch; you might have a standing chance. the good part, is that they have crap stats to the other aspect. As Blissey is super weak to physical moves, and skarmory being weak to sp.attacks.
the usual OU move sets for these pokes are:

skarmory @ Lum berry/leftovers:
Spikes/stealth rock
drill peck
rest/spikes/stealth rock

and then Blissey @ leftovers
Soft boiled
thunder wave
ice beam
filler. (maybe seismic toss?)

number 2:
Sandstorm/ trick room:
i love type based strategies.
like, Tyranitar, Omynite, Hippow-don, etc. all have certain advantages to the sandstorm Area Of Effect.
the best being, Tyranitar, or any poke with the sand stream ability can withstand sp.atk moves like surf with a lot more success. Sand stream doubles the Sp. def of the poke who has the "sand stream ability". from what i know of, Tyranny, and Hippodon have this ability.
then the latter of the sandstorm combo is sand veil, which a lot of ground pokemon have.
Garchomp and Omanyte have sand veil, which increases the percentage of dodging moves of other pokes.
not a high percentage, but it could save your ass.

depending on what you use, it could coincide with a trick room team, seeing as most ground type pokes are very, very slow. an ideal sand storm team for me would be: tyranitar, omanyte, hippodon, Jirachi*/magnezone
bronzong, and Garchomp. Jirachi and magnezone for their great defense, and considerable sp.atk and use of electric moves. move sets for each should be explanatory, but let me know if i should put them up anyway.

what this strategy does is make use of various powerhouses of the ground type, and mixes it up with amazing walls, and speed. it should be the perfect strategy, but other than the trick room aspect, this strategy could go down the toilet with any other field changing move, i.e. rain dance etc.

strategy number 3:
Status Sweepers

i hate these the most, in all honesty. pokemon like swellow @ flame orb and ursarang @ Poison orb are just annoying and powerful. the full ass buster about it, is that you cant do a damn thing. Swellow is one of the fastest pokes in the game. give it protect, then flame orb kicks in. then of course with Guts your attack power doubles. heh, now heres the balls deep part, Facade, a move with double power when affected with a status problem. lets do some math.. Swellow: normal+flying +Guts w/ flame orb= Double atk power. with addition to facades double damage and STAB. making it almost impossible to defend unless you're packing a marvelous wall.
i'd love to give you the exact numbers, but i'm lazy, and its new years. so i hope you can bare with me until i update this a bit more. Ursarang has something called Quick feet, or something along those lines xP and it's like guts only with speed, and poison. a good move set for an Ursarang would be Close combat, thunder punch, ( i'm not sure if it can learn ice punch) fire punch, and facade. facade being your best bet because of the high attack, the STAB, and the Facade boost.

strat 4
this should be the shortest one. if you're running a ninjask always keep him in the front of the team. you want him fully ev'd in speed and hp stats. have him hold left overs as well. the move set i use is "baton pass, substitute, x scissor, swords dance" this is a very powerful helper to any team. with the extra speed, and the possible free substitute/ atk boosts from swords dance make any metagross, tyranitar, or even milotic happy.
speed goes a long way in this game <3. what ever you choose to BP to is up to you, you cant lose regardless, just be careful not switch in, instead of using BP, lots of people make this mistake.

this is all i choose to list for now, i will update more soon, or when it's needed.

for fun.
i use the same basic strategies in all of my teams, and it usually never fails me. I call it a Power house strategy, since theres no real plot, or advantage to it. i always have 3 physical powerhouses, and 3 SP. attacking beasts.
so OU tiers are quite easy for me. my main aspect being speed, and ways to obtain speed.

Tyranitar @ chopple berry (weakens fighting moves)
Dragon Dance
Stone Edge
Earth Quake
ATK: 405
DD for the obvious massive stat boosts, something ALL t-tars should have.
EQ for its high 100 base damage %
and crunch and stone edge for powerful STAB moves.

Vaporeon @ metronome/wise glasses (Met: increases the power of a move the more you use it consecutively by .5 Wise: increases SP. ATK 1.2-1.3)
Rain dance
Ice beam
Acid armour
SP ATK 350
ice beam for coverage, and Surf for STAB. Rain dance to ruin possible sandstorm or sunny day teams, and Acid Armour just for a filler. what i love about Vaporeon is that its like a minni wall, with high defense and HP stats along with its above average SP. atk stat.

Azelf @ Wise glasses
shadow ball
nasty plot
SP. atk : 383
i love this thing. High speed and Sp. atk to boot. it can take down a salamence with 2 hits, and survive a DD dragon claw <3 not much to say about this poke, other than it whoops enormous Ass. <3

Arcanine @ expert belt
FLare blitz
iron tail
thunder fang
exxtreme speed
Atk 350
eh, just a smogon move set, and a high atk stat. very basic.

Snorlax @ left overs
Body slam
Atk 350
the interesting thing about my Curselax is that i have crunch there, instead of EQ, to be honest, i was tired of seeing gengar thinking it was all tough. so i had to put ghost types down, one way or the other. i usually dont use main walls, but the curse is a nice addition to his move set, and usability, in my opinion.

Crobat @ Wise glasses
Sludge bomb
nasty plot
sp. atk: 262
not the best, but with 359 speed, hynosis, AND nasty plot isnt that big of a deal. the STAB of sludge bomb is just enough to get a few good hits in, along with poison.

Lucario @ expert belt/ life orb

ATK 350
blaze kick
cross chop
extreme speed
stone edge

no need of description. Just whoops ASS.

thanks for reading. <3
will update when needed.
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